In this blog post, you will learn how to make $500 selling word search puzzle books on Amazon KDP using ChatGpt as your trusty assistant, and Canva as your design tool.

The demand for word search puzzle books has been on the rise lately on amazon kindle. This is because it is very useful as a gifting item for friends and loved ones.

Word search puzzle books are very interesting and engaging, as it helps you to improve your vocabulary whilst still having fun, also it is suitable for all ages, hence word search puzzle books sell all year round.

Word-search puzzle books are not considered low-content books, because it takes a level of creativity to generate word-search puzzle books that sell like crazy, and in the following steps I will show you how to create one.

Step 1: Generating Word Categories with ChatGPT

The very first thing you'll need to do is to find suitable categories on which your word puzzle book will be based. You can do this very easily by asking ChatGpt to suggest word puzzle book categories for you. This should be based on a particular theme or topic. You can get the ideal topic or theme based on competitive market research on Amazon. Your puzzle book could be about animals, famous cartoons, sports, gaming, hunting, fishing, military, etc.

for example, word categories under the sports-based puzzle book may include tennis, football, boxing, badminton, etc.

Please note that the number of word category will determine the number of pages that your puzzle book will have, so have that at the back of your mind.

After prompting ChatGPT for the category, always be diligent enough to go through the list and pick categories that are ideal for you. Some categories will make more sense than others you know, so make sure to refine and select relevant word categories.

Now that you have your ideal categories, the next step is to generate words under your chosen categories.

Step 2: Generating Words with ChatGPT

Depending on the number of words you want each page of your puzzle book to have, you'll need to prompt ChatGpt to generate words under each of the categories, for example, if you want each page of your puzzle book to have 10 words, then prompt ChatGpt to generate 10 words each under each of the categories.

After getting the words make sure to double check that the words are unique and that there are no unnecessary repetitions. Also avoid words that are too long or too short, depending on your target audience.

Now that you have both the categories and their corresponding words, you'll need to format them in such a way that will be easily importable in bulk as a CSV file. In the video at the very top of this blog post, I have illustrated what your final output should look like. You must follow that format to save time.

After getting your output in the right format, you'll need to save the final output as a CSV file.

Step 3: Creating a CSV File

Compiling your final output into CSV format is very easy, and there are many ways to achieve same result.

With just your notepad on pc, you can simply paste the final correctly formatted text output, and save as CSV.

Another way is through Microsoft Excel, google sheets or any other spreadsheet processing software. You simply need to paste your correctly formatted output into the spreadsheet processor, and save as CSV.

For mobile device users, you can get spreadsheet processing apps as well, or using your notepad, save as .csv (works with only some notepads for mobile).

This step is very very important, as it allows you to save time and produce more word puzzle books fast in a short time and in an almost automated way using a very powerful tool called BookBolt.

we will come back to how to use book bolt but let's move on to the next step which involves generating your book details for Amazon KDP.

Step 4: Generating Book Title and Keywords with ChatGPT

Before prompting ChatGpt to generate your 7 keywords for your book it is important to do your own keyword research as well, let the ChatGpt keywords be based on what you feed it. Also, you need each keyword to be distinct from others, avoid repetitions, to avoid wastage of keyword space. ChatGpt will do this easily for you. You can check the video to see the prompts that I used, and how I used them.

After getting your 7 SEO keywords, you need a Title. This tile must be based on the 7 keywords , but unique as well , you can prompt ChatGpt to generate a catchy puzzle book title based on synonyms to the 7 SEO keywords, this way you reach even a broader audience by utilizing every opportunity to target more synonymous yet unique keywords about your Puzzle book.

Now that you have your book details, lets move to the next phase, which is all about designing your book cover.

Step 5: Designing the Book Cover with Canva

Before Designing your book cover you need to get the ideal template for your book cover design. This template is going to guide you while you design your book cover so that no part of your book will be cut off during the printout of the hard copy.

Your book cover template can be gotten from the book cover calculator and is based on some factors like the number of pages of your book, the cover type if it has bleed or not, etc. So basically all you have to do is feed the cover calculator with the information about your book, and you will get your ideal template.

Once you generate your template using the book cover calculator, the next thing is to download, and import your template into Canva, and Design your book cover.

One thing to you must do before designing your book cover is competitive research. Here you are looking for a book that is similar to your, that is selling like crazy, and copy their book cover design-you will have the best shot selling, if you do this.

After finding a cover to copy, you can design your cover based on theirs , or better still make yours better! don't just copy and paste you know.

After getting your book cover design done, next step is to Create your puzzle book using Book Bolt.

Step 6: Creating the Book with Book Bolt

BookBolt is a very powerful tool that anyone into Amazon KDP must have. This tool will help you create many types of low and medium-content books in bulk. It will also help you locate the right category for your book when publishing to amazon kindle.

The first thing you must do is to obviously set up a book bolt account. After that, you need to choose your book type, trim size, cover type, interior type, number of pages, etc.. basically, the same information used in the book cover calculator.

Once this is all set, you can now import your CSV file into Book Bolt, and then you can style the word search puzzle using the provided parameters within the book bolts interface.

When you are done with the tweaking and are happy with the result, you can go ahead and download it as pdf and that's it! you now have your word search puzzle book ready to be published on amazon kindle.

When publishing your book, make sure to use the 7 SEO keywords you generated using ChatGpt in step 4, then import your book interior and cover plus supply the correct book information while uploading, to avoid output errors.

So you see it's that easy to generate passive income selling books made completely with artificial intelligence. Soy don't sleep on this watch my video guide, and don't fail to subscribe so you don't miss my future updates. Have a nice day.

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