How to Find the best niche in affiliate marketing.

Picking a niche is one of the most crucial parts of starting up an affiliate marketing business, if you get it wrong, you will struggle to make sales as an affiliate marketer.

I made the mistake of jumping on any niche, simply because I thought they were profitable affiliate marketing niches.

In the long run, after learning the hard way that what works for Mr. A, might not necessarily work for Mr. B, I was able to finally pick the niche that works for me.

For you not to make the same mistake I made, I have written this detailed article to guide you as you pick the best affiliate marketing niche for profit.

What is affiliate marketing?

what is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the art of solving people's problems using other people's products and receiving a commission for doing so.

An affiliate marketer is usually given a unique URL called an affiliate link to a particular product.

When the affiliate marketer drives traffic to that affiliate link and it results in to purchase, he/she receives a commission.

The first thing you need to do as a beginner in affiliate marketing is to pick a niche.

what is a niche in affiliate marketing?

What exactly is a niche?

According to dictionary.com, A niche is a place or position that's particularly appropriate for someone or something, especially due to being very specific and different from others.

A niche is any type of product that an affiliate marketer chooses to specialize in for the best results.

Everyone cannot be good at everything because we all have where our strengths lie.

We all have what they are passionate about, and will excel if we stick to those things.

Sometimes, some people might be passionate about the wrong things, and passion does not always translate to success in affiliate marketing.

This is why we must take time to determine which niche will be profitable, and at the same time easy for us to navigate.

What is a profitable niche?

what is a profitable niche

At the end of the day, if we do not make sales, no matter how passionate we might be, we would eventually give up on that niche.

Sometimes it's hard to make that first sale, even in a profitable niche, with all that competition, but trust me after reading this article, you will find out exactly what to do to get the ideal niche for you to promote in.

you will also learn how to spot the most profitable affiliate offers in your own niche.

Steps to picking a good niche

picking a good niche in 2021
  • Identify your interests
  • Identify problems around your interests
  • and find solutions to the problem

Identify your interests and strengths

Everyone has what they are good at naturally, something that they can do for free and still be satisfied.

One of the most important things in any business is passion, if you are passionate about anything, over time you get good at it. So to get a niche that works for you you must look within to find your passion, and identify where your strength lies.

This is because you will need all the motivation to succeed in any business so that you don't give up so easily when you face a challenge in your niche.

Identify a pressing problem that you can solve

Picking a good niche all comes down to you being able to identify a pressing problem that people are willing to resolve even if they have to buy a product to do so.

When you Identify the problem, you are now faced with the challenge of looking for the best solution to that problem in the form of an affiliate product.

Finding a solution

To find the solution to the problem you must first put yourself in the shoes of your target audience, start to think like them, see things from their own perspective, locate their pinch point, and embark on in-depth research in order to solve the problem they want to get rid of so badly.

If you can find an effective solution to their problems, it will be very easy to sell things to them in the nearest future.

The problems people face today can be categorized into three major niches in affiliate marketing and you will have to pick any of these three angles, to be a profitable affiliate marketer.

the 3 major niches in affiliate marketing

the 3 major niches in affiliate marketing

There are three major niches in affiliate marketing. The Health Niche, the Relationship niche, and the Business opportunity Niche.

The above three niches are centered around the most pressing needs in human beings today. They are also the three best affiliate niches for any beginner to start with.

The Health Niche

“Health is wealth” is a very common saying that cannot be over-emphasized.

A lot of people all over the world have one health challenge or the other that they come across at one point in their life, it may be due to climate change exposure to harmful substances, overfeeding, or even old age.

Whatever the reason, Health is a very vital aspect of well-being and, and when compromised, patience will go any length to restore good health.

Affiliate marketers in the health niche take time to go in-depth into discovering the root cause of all these health challenges and providing an effective way of restoring or at least sustaining good health.

An affiliate marketer in the health niche puts himself in the shoes of his target audience, knowing what their exact needs are, and providing solutions using an affiliate product.

In the health niche, it is not a question of if the customer will buy the product or not, it's a question of if the affiliate marketer can locate these individuals who have the need for that product.

Since the health niche is such a viable market for affiliate marketers, the competition in the health niche is quite overwhelming for beginners, but if you learn how to beat your competitors to your target audience, you will be smiling at the bank.

Relationship niche

Relationships are very important. Everyone wants to feel loved and respected in general. Guys want to get the girls, while girls want to attract a good guy that they can spend the rest of their life with.

Some other people just want to improve their sex life in their relationships.

Since no man is an Island, the Relationship niche has blossomed and earned its place beside the health niche. Products under the relationship niche are commonly purchased by young men and women looking to build up a relationship. so if you are a love doctor or psychotherapist, or social worker, then this niche is ideal for you.

Business opportunity Niche

Everyone needs money so it's obvious that the business opportunity niche is among the most profitable niches for affiliate marketers.

since money plays a very vital role in all our lives, it is only natural for people to want money.

People go on to take courses, read ebooks and articles, to know how they can make more money than they already make.

Money is one thing that is almost impossible to get enough of.

The heart desires of men cannot be satisfied, there is always something that they would want to have.

This niche is filled with affiliate marketers that promote courses and products that teach how they can make more money.

There are also scammers out there with fake products and false ebooks, with methods that do not work at all.

So your job as an affiliate marketer is to make sure that you only recommend proven methods to your audience. If your methods work, your audience will tell all their friends about you

Where to find affiliate products under your niche

Where to find affiliate products under your niche

Finding affiliate products under your nice is as simple as typing a Google search, but there is more to it.

When picking products to promote under your niche, there are things to look out for.

These things will tell you if the product is worth promoting or not.

Before I go into more details on that, here are some sites called Offer aggregators.

They list out affiliate products and the platforms to get them, this way you can easily spot the highest paying affiliate niches.

Below is a list of affiliate offers aggregators:

Things to look out for when picking an affiliate offer under your niche

Things to look out for when picking an affiliate offer under your niche

There are countless shitty affiliate products out there and as a good affiliate marketer looking to build a reputation;

your primary aim should be to avoid them, and not just pick them just because of the high pay.

There are some features possessed by good affiliate products, these are the things to look out for when picking a product to promote.

  1. An Affiliate Page; an affiliate page is a resource page for affiliates to get email swipes, creatives, promotion ideas, demographic data and more. These things make promoting the product a lot easier for the affiliates. Big companies pump plenty of money into innovative research and split testing;
    to find out the best angle for their affiliates to use in promoting their products an maximise profit.
  2. Customer support: If a product does not have customer support, that is another red flag. Customers trust product with good customer feedback so avoid such product .
  3. gravity Gravity is used by Clickbank to indicate how easy it has been for affiliate marketers promoting a product in a given period of time.
  4. The higher the gravity, the easier it will be to make sales, although when the gravity is too high it means there is lots of competition for sales of that product.

Final Thoughts

The three steps to picking a profitable niche in affiliate marketing are

  • Identify your interest
  • Identify problems around your interests
  • find a solution to the problem in form of an affiliate product.

You can find affiliate offers under your preferred niche through affiliate offers aggregators like oDigger, Affplus, OfferVault, and Affbank. Also, you could do a search on google for direct affiliate programs by simply typing “product+affiliate program” in the google search box.

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