How to Make Money Answering Questions with ChatGPT

If you are looking for a way to earn money online without much hassle you're in the right place! In this blog post, we'll walk you through a simple yet effective method of making anywhere from $10 to $100 every day by answering questions using ChatGPT. The best part? You can leverage the power of affiliate marketing to boost your earnings. So, stay tuned, and we'll show you how it's done.

Step 1: Create a ChatGPT Account

The first step on your journey to making money through ChatGPT is to create an account. If you already have one, you're good to go. If not, head over to the official ChatGPT website (, and sign up. You can either manually input your email address and password or opt for a quick setup using Google, Microsoft, or Apple accounts.

Step 2: Give ChatGPT Internet Access

By default, ChatGPT's knowledge model is limited to information available up to September 2021. To expand its capabilities and answer questions about recent events, you'll want to give it internet access. Simply install the “Web ChatGPT” browser extension. This will connect ChatGPT to the latest information from verified internet sources.

Step 3: Discover Answeree

Now, it's time to explore the platform where you'll be earning money by answering questions – Answeree. Answeree rewards contributors with 10 points for each answer they provide, 2 points for every comment they receive, and up to 500 points for answers performing well on Google search results. Keep in mind, 10 points translate to 1 cent. So, to make a dollar, you need 100 points. But, don't worry, you can easily accumulate thousands of points daily.

Why Answeree?

Answeree has a substantial percentage of visitors from top-tier countries like the United States, which means more earning potential. Furthermore, it relies heavily on organic search traffic, indicating a significant trust factor. Answeree is also an aged domain, which adds to its credibility. In essence, it's an excellent platform for those looking to make money online.

Step 4: Create Two Answeree Accounts

To maximize your earnings, you'll need two Answeree accounts: one for asking questions and the other for answering them. Setting up these accounts is straightforward. Just follow the instructions on Answeree's website.

Step 5: Choose Your Niche and Affiliate Products

Select a niche that aligns with your interests and has strong buyer intent. We recommend niches like health and wellness or beauty and skincare, as they tend to have a ready market for affiliate products. Your questions should revolve around this niche, and your answers should include links to relevant affiliate products.

Step 6: Pick Your Affiliate Product

There are various places to source affiliate products, such as ClickBank, DigiStore24, Leadbit, Amazon, and Shopper. In this tutorial, we'll focus on ClickBank. Look for products with high commissions and recurring payments. You'll want a product with good gravity, indicating its popularity and performance in the market. A recurring commission ensures ongoing earnings.

Step 7: Create a Systematic Splash Page

A systematic splash page is a non-intrusive way to promote affiliate links without directly sharing them. To create this, you'll need a banner image and an avatar image. Design your banner on Canva and download it. Find a suitable square avatar image online (PNG format) and download it.

Step 8: Utilize UrlFlex for Link Management

UrlFlex is a helpful link management software for affiliate marketers. It enables you to promote affiliate links and track their performance. Sign up for a free account, set up your profile, and upload your banner and avatar images.

Step 9: Ask and Answer Questions on Answeree

Now, it's time to engage with Answeree. Ask questions from your first account and answer them using ChatGPT from your second account. Include a call to action to redirect readers to your affiliate link.

Step 10: Promote Your Affiliate Links

In the process of answering questions, you can direct readers to your affiliate products by including a “read also” call to action button. Shorten the URLs of related blog posts using UrlFlex to track clicks and performance.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, making money by answering questions with ChatGPT on Answeree is an exciting and potentially lucrative venture. By strategically choosing your niche, and affiliate products, and using link management tools like UrlFlex, you can boost your earnings significantly. So, why not explore this unique opportunity and start earning today?

If you'd like to learn more ways to increase your income with ChatGPT, check out our other video tutorials. Start your journey to making money online now!

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0:00⏱️ Start Your Journey: Set Up a ChatGPT Account

1:02🌐 Expand ChatGPT's Knowledge: Provide Internet Access

1:54🌍 Exploring Answeree: Your Earning Platform

4:22👥 Double Up: Create Two Answeree Accounts

5:47🎯 Choosing Your Path: Selecting a Niche and Affiliate Products

6:11💼 The Right Fit: Picking the Perfect Affiliate Product

9:00🖼️ Sleek Splash Pages: Crafting a Systematic Entry Point

12:14🔗 Streamline Links with UrlFlex: Effective Management

12:33🗨️ Engage and Earn: Asking and Answering on Answeree

14:19💥 Supercharge Earnings: Effective Affiliate Link Promotion


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