One of the easiest ways to make money from Amazon KDP is by summarizing other people's books. Before now, summarizing a book took a reasonable amount of hard work. This is because you would have to, first of all, read the book from beginning to end. But thanks to artificial intelligence, you can now summarize any book using simple prompts.

The process involves obtaining necessary accounts, generating a list of top books in your niche, prompting Chat GPT to summarize them, designing book covers, and monetizing the summaries on Amazon Kindle.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can summarise any book using Chat GPT and make money doing so:

  1. Create Amazon KDP, an Amazon Associates account, a Chat GPT, a Google Docs account, and a Canva account.
  2. Pick a trending niche for your book summaries.
  3. Prompt Chat GPT to generate a list of top books in your chosen niche.
  4. Prompt Chat GPT to summarize each book from the generated list.
  5. Design book covers similar to the original ones using Canva.
  6. Monetize the summaries by uploading them to Amazon Kindle using Amazon KDP, or by adding affiliate links to the original book.

How to Summarize Any Book, and Make Money Doing It

Create Neccessary Accounts

Before you can start making money using this method, you must, first of all, get some requirements.

The first thing you'll need is an Amazon KDP account. This platform will pay you whenever someone buys a book you upload on the platform.

The next account you will be needing is an Amazon associate account. This account allows you to generate affiliate links for any Amazon product, including books. so instead of uploading your books on Amazon KDP, you could promote any book that is already having a buzz around it.

Another account you will need is a Chat GPT account. This account is what you will be using to instantly generate summaries for other people's books.

Aside from Chat GPT, you will also need a google docs account to create your book interior and save it as a pdf file.

After creating your book you will need to create a book cover with the correct dimensions, and an excellent tool for that is Canva.

Pick a trending niche.

Before Deciding on a particular book to summarise, you must understand that niche research is very important if you want to make the most profit from summarising books. A very good tool for this purpose is Google Trends, and Google keyword research tool. Making good use of these tools will allow you to pick the most profitable niche for you.

Prompt Chat GPT to generate a list of top books in your chosen niche.

Now that you know the niche, you have to get the top books in your niche. You can do this through a simple Google search, or by simply prompting chat GPT to list out the top books in your niche.

Prompt Chat GPT to summarize each book from the generated list.

Once you have gotten a list of the top books in your chosen niche, you need to summarize each book. Some books may not be recognized by chat GPT. In such cases, you need to manually summarise by copying and pasting in Chat GPT and asking Chat Gpt to summarise the pasted text. This can be time-consuming, but not as time-consuming as reading the full book and summarizing manually.

Design book covers similar to the original ones using Canva.

Now that you have finished summarizing your books, the next step is to design your book cover. and the best free tool that is suitable for this task is Canva, you can create a cover similar to the original book to indicate that the summary is for the original book.

Monetize the summaries

You now have your complete book Summary, with a beautiful book cover. The next thing you want to do now is to monetize your summarized book. One way is by uploading the book summary to Amazon KDP and adding a price tag to it. this works really well with literature books used for examinations in schools, students would prefer to read a good summary, especially when they have little time to prepare for their exams.

The second way to monetize your summarised book is by listing your book summary for free on your personal website, or book forums and linking to the main book using an Amazon affiliate link. If they like the book after reading your summary they may use your link to purchase the main book, leading to affiliate commissions for you.

Final Thoughts

The two main ways to monetize a summarized book are either uploading the book to amazon kindle or linking your book summary to the main book using a special link known as an affiliate link or Amazon associate link. You can make a lot of passive income by using Chat GPT to generate book summaries for popular books.

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