How to Start Affiliate Marketing with no money in 2023

I made over $7,245 on Clickbank alone using nothing but organic traffic, and as far as making money with affiliate marketing goes, that was one of my most profitable ventures.

I decided not to promote Clickbank offers with paid traffic because they had blocked two of my accounts before.

In each of those accounts, I made nothing less than $4000, which I had to let go,(it was painful).

I decided to stick to free traffic that cost me nothing but time and effort.

So if you want to start affiliate marketing with no money in your pockets, and you don't know where to start read this article to get a clear step-by-step guide on what you must do.

What is Affiliate Marketing All About?

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Affiliate marketing involves a lot but in the spirit of keeping things simple, Here is my simple definition:

Affiliate marketing is the art of solving a pressing problem with an affiliate product that works.

In other words affiliate, marketers are problem solvers.

I wrote a detailed article on affiliate marketing and how to excel as a beginner, go check it out here

How to Start Affiliate Marketing with No Money

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The truth is that it is impossible not to spend money on affiliate marketing.

Yes, am starting to sound confusing but read on, in a moment you will know why I made the statement above.

Time is money

Time is money, and if you agree with me, you will understand that time is required for any action to be executed, including affiliate marketing.

You must put time and effort into free traffic methods if you must make a dime in your newly started affiliate marketing business.

I was very determined, I didn't sleep at night, and I focused on free traffic methods.

I drove traffic to my affiliate offers through different avenues that did not require me to spend cash.

So if you would like to replicate my results, here are the top free traffic methods to promote affiliate offers.

Free Traffic methods for affiliate marketing

  1. Youtube
    youtube is the fastest and most effective way to promote any affiliate offer.
    On youtube, all it takes is good SEO and good content, and trust me the results are mind-blowing.
    Most of the sales I made promoting an offer on ClickBank were from youtube traffic.
    You can start affiliate marketing with no money, using youtube as a free traffic source.
    With free keyword research tools, you can create optimized content and in no time your channel would blow up.
  2. TikTok
    You can promote affiliate offers on TikTok through your videos.
    TikTok for some reason is predominated by people that are most likely to buy your affiliate products, I can tell you for free.
  3. Facebook
    I started off with Facebook as a beginner. From my years of experience, I figured that if you can grow a group of your own, around your niche, you will find it very easy to sell on Facebook.
  4. Quora
    I used quora to drive traffic to my blog, which is littered with affiliate links, and a made tons of sales doing so.
    Something you should take note of is that on quora you must not link directly to your affiliate products.
    Quora has zero tolerance for affiliate products, but you can promote on quora using a method I listed in one of my videos on youtube. Go check it out.

Final Thoughts

You can start affiliate marketing with no money and still make money, by applying free traffic methods.

Youtube, TikTok, Facebook, and Quora are my favorite free traffic sources and are highly recommended for any beginner.

Time is money, Technically it is impossible to start affiliate marketing with no money.

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Kingsley James-Hart

A Nigerian web developer, Cyber security expert, and digital marketing consultant that lives in Bonny island Rivers State. He is the Current CEO of BlakTek LLC, an online tech company. He is also a Youtuber.

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    How to Start Affiliate Marketing with no money in 2023

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